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Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Grown Up Friends

A topic at GDNNOP got me thinking about a game I used to play with my mom when I was little called Grwon-up Friends, and I intoduced our little girl to that game this morning while we waited for her school bus.

How to play: Child pretends to be the adult friend of the mommy, the friends discuss their day, their jobs, their families etc.

What I learned about my "grown-up friend" today:
Her plans today are-
stapling papers together (3 at one time), buying 80 eggs, going to the milk station "for 5 milks", cutting down the grass, and going to work

And apparently her husband "died in the 80's". I didnt know she knew the 80's ever existed.
She wants to play again when she gets home and I can't wait to hear about her day.


themrs said...

LOL i used to play this with my grandma! i was always a single mom with five kids;) i better get off the computer so i can go to the milk store!

FIONA said...

This is really cute. I played something kindof similar with my Mom, but she was the child, Jenny, and I got to be the grownup.